What Your Condos Home Owners Association Board Should Know Before They Says “No” To FHA Approval

What Your Condos Home Owners Association Board Should Know Before They Says “No” To FHA Approval

The first thing the seller should do is find out why the HOA is against FHA approval and then the seller can address those issues. I work for a business that gets Condominium Complexes HUD/FHA approved on a daily basis. I will go over the excuses that we hear for a board’s refusal to apply for FHA approval.

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Similarly, it is often the case that if you are on a limited budget, the condo route may provide you with a higher quality place. When purchasing a condo for a similar price as a home in the same area, you are putting that land cost into the quality of the condo. When you are comparing condos to other condos in a similar are, the biggest variable for the price is usually quality.

When it comes to furnishing, maintaining, or renting out your hotel condominium, you are free from the decision making process. The hotel management company maintains the condo as they would any hotel room in one of their prestigious locations. This means that design and décor is kept similar from condo to condo, and the day to day running of the hotel takes the burden of making sure your property is well maintained out of your hands, while ensuring rental income when you are not using the property yourself.

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